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These days, most all electric vehicles have ditched traditional door latches for fancy, electronic, integrated pieces. That includes the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, which utilizes what Ford calls an “E-Latch Door System.” The Mach-E electric door latch system utilizes a button on each door that releases the door latch, which the automaker was keen to show off in this recent video.

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The Mach-E electric door latch system is quite different from what we’ve seen from other BEV automakers like Tesla, which still utilizes actual door handles, albeit ones that fit flush with the body. To get in the Mach-E, owners must first have the key fob handy, or they can also use their phone as a key. When one of those is detected by the vehicle, the owner simply presses the button on the door to activate the E-Latch.

The door doesn’t open all the way, however – only slightly. Just enough to grab the pull handle located inside the door and pull it open the rest of the way, though those are only located in the front doors. Rear seat passengers have a grab pad on the inside of the door used to complete the process.

While this might raise fears of pinched fingers, Ford has designed the Mach-E so that once the doors are popped open, they cannot be closed again until fully opened. Getting out of the Mach-E is much the same as exiting any other vehicle, as the occupant merely has to pull the level near the armrest to unlatch the door.

Many will undoubtedly worry that the E-Latch won’t function properly, which is to be expected. But it’s worth noting that Ford has designed the system so that even when the battery is depleted or completely dead, the doors can still be opened from the inside by pulling the lever all the way back.

However, getting in the Mach-E with a dead battery isn’t possible unless the owner connects jumper cables to the two power points located in the front lower grille. Then, the Mach-E’s front trunk can be opened so it can be charged.

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