New data by ZIP code shows higher rates of infection in smaller Dubuque County towns –

DUBUQUE COUNTY, Iowa. (KWWL) —- Iowa is seeing the highest amount of COVID-19 hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic. On Wednesday Gov. Kim Reynolds said 444 Iowans were hospitalized by the virus.

Reynolds says the health care system could handle the increase and no further action was needed to reduce infections.

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This comes after IDPH began providing county health officials with more precise COVID-19 data, broken down by ZIP code. We talked to Dubuque health officials to see what the new ZIP code data shows.

Overall, Dubuque County saw a 14.5% positivity rate over the past two weeks. Case counts per capita show that, since the start of the pandemic, there have been higher rates of infection in towns such as Farley, Epworth, Peosta and Dyersville than in Dubuque itself.

Mary Rose Corrigan, public health specialist with the County, says the data is revealing.

“Sometimes people assume that the cases are only in the cities, or the urban areas (in this case Dubuque), but we know from the data that that’s not true,”

Throughout September, as a county-wide mask mandate was being discussed, local health officials expressed they wished they could see more precise data before reaching their decision.

Mary Rose Corrigan says the data “will help us zero-in more on the present state of the pandemic.”