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Can AI Save Content Creation? Malliard Explores the Future of Media with Kevin Harold

Can AI Save Content Creation? Malliard Explores the Future of Media with Kevin Harold


Join us for the latest episode of The Malliard Report, featuring Kevin Harold, a content creator and founder of Showgun Media USA.

The Malliard Report is a live virtual audience talk show that airs every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time, featuring host Kevin and a variety of guests discussing a range of topics. In this episode, Kevin welcomes a returning guest, Kevin Harold, who is a content creator and founder of Showgun Media USA.

The conversation kicks off with some banter about football and sports, where Kevin Harold expresses his disappointment and lingering bitterness over the San Diego Chargers' departure from the city.

The discussion then pivots to Kevin Harold's professional background and the founding of Shogun Media USA. He explains that the company specializes in creating visual content for major corporate brands and mentions their involvement in producing high-quality training videos for various corporations.

The conversation then delves into the topic of artificial intelligence and its impact on various industries, including content creation and the use of AI in production processes.

Kevin Harold provides valuable insights into the usage of AI in video production and the implications of its widespread adoption in the industry.

The transcript covers the influence of technology on entertainment and media, particularly the shift towards digital platforms and the transformation of the music and broadcasting industries.

The guest shares his perspective on the changing landscape of media consumption, citing examples of how the advent of digital technology has reshaped the industry and altered the way content is created and consumed.

The dialogue then touches on the impact of technology on visual and audio media, referencing advancements in camera technology and the evolution of audio recording techniques.

Kevin Harold reflects on the transformation of the entertainment industry and shares his experiences as a content creator in the rapidly changing media environment.

A significant portion of the conversation focuses on the challenges and opportunities in content creation, including the influence of AI, digital technology, and the changing dynamics of media consumption.

The guest discusses the implications of these changes for the industry, emphasizing the need for creative adaptation and innovation in response to technological advancements.

Throughout the interview, the theme of human interaction and connection is woven into the discussion, with the guest expressing his hopes for a better, more connected world.

This sentiment is particularly evident in his final thoughts on the need for human interaction and meaningful communication, highlighting the importance of genuine connection in an increasingly digital and automated world.

This discussion offers valuable insights into the complexities of the media and entertainment industry, shedding light on the evolving role of technology and its impact on content creation.

The conversation serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the ever-changing landscape of modern media and entertainment.

In conclusion, the insights shared in the interview have far-reaching implications for current events and issues, particularly in the context of technological advancements and their effects on media and entertainment.

The conversation serves as a reminder of the need for meaningful human connection and creative adaptation in response to the rapid transformations reshaping the industry. It prompts reflection on the evolving role of technology in media production and consumption, and the importance of preserving authentic human interaction in an increasingly digital world.

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