Jim Malliard

If you’re intrigued, passionate about, or even question the Paranormal then meet expert and enthusiast, Jim Malliard. As a Radio Show Host and columnist, he reaches into the “Near & Far” to bring you an entire spectrum of topics and inside information related to Paranormal Activity worldwide.

Jim is the Executive Producer and Host of the ground-breaking, “Malliard Report”

This entertaining and enlightening show airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern, in addition to being internationally syndicated rebroadcasts on many radio networks.

In-depth interviews with specialists and researchers reveal little-known facts and scientific investigation of real events.

As a media analyst, he’s been featured in the “Epoch Times” and is a regular contributor

to “Haunted Times Magazine” and “Bellésprit Magazine.” Jim has covered unexplained

phenomena and individuals’ experiences, including his exposure to spirit beings since the age of three.

He co-founded the Meadville Paranormal Investigation Team and previously held a position on the Paranormal Ethics Committee at the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations.

Jim now lives in northwestern Pennsylvania with his family where he continues to “Be Prepared” for anything Paranormal, as his youthful Boy Scout training taught him on the way to the highest rank of Eagle Scout.