Sitemap - 2016 - The Malliard Report

Richie – – positive 2017

Elaine Matthews Paranormal Investigator

Josh Heard – Paranormal Investigator

Gordon Rupe – Lincoln Assassination

Joe Uscinski Political Science Professor at the University of Miami

Dina Rae – Conspiracy Topics

John A. Carman - Government Whistleblower

Ask Jim Malliard 2016

Predictions for 2017

Dr. Rebecca Housel – Pop Culture Professor

Dr. Roy L. Hill – Near Death Experiences

Tammy Hopler from Spirit Chasers – Paranormal Society of Northern Virginia

Alisse Lee Goldenberg author

Ryan Cek Chemtrail Dystopia

Giovanni Dienstmann – meditation

John A. Carman - Former US Secret Service Agent

Michael Decon from the End of Days Radio

Ben Mezrich -The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway

David Paulides – Missing 411

Micah Hanks – Paranormal Author and Podcaster

Brooke Lewis – Actress

Bryan Anderson – Voice Over Artist

Paranormal Investigating

Dark Waters Paranormal Researcher

Dr Rita Louise – Archetypes of the Ancients

Preston Dennett – UFO Research and Author

John S. Weiss – Afterlife Is To Die For

Jordan Boneparty – Oak Island

Patrick Scott Sporer – Dream Cognition Experiment

George Noory – Coast to Coast AM

John Davis – Flat Earth

Todd Tavolazzi – writer

Garnet Schulhauser – Astral Travel

Para Truth Radio

Ambassador Arthur Lenk – International Diplomacy

Andrew Nissenbaum – Meditation

Those Conspiracy Guys – Kurt Cobain

Frank Santariga UFO N Hoaxes

Bronxville Paranormal Society – Nuclear Lake Investigation

Morgan Strebler – Menatlist – Illusionist

Bill Sweet – Journey into prayer

Joe Gisondi – Bigfoot Researcher

Steven Johnson – Seer- Medium

Paranormal Conspiracies

Tristan Rimbaud – Psychic Medium

John Tenney – Occult phenomena researcher

Jack Brewer – UFO Reseacher

Chris Brown – UFO encounter

Daniel Abella – Philip K. Dick film festival director